Calendar of Submission Deadlines and Meetings

Meeting MonthNotice of Intent DueApplication DuePlanning SessionBoard Meeting
November 2018 (FY19)10-24-201810-30-201811-06-201811-15-2018
January 2019 (FY19)12-26-201801-01-201901-8-201901-17-2019
March 2019 (FY19)02-27-201903-05-201903-12-201903-21-2019
May 2019 (FY19)04-24-201905-07-201905-14-201905-23-2019
July 2019 (FY19)06-26-201907-02-201907-09-201907-18-2019
September 2019 (FY20)08-28-201809-03-201809-10-201809-19-2018

To accommodate the Thanksgiving Holiday, the Board has elected to hold its planning session on Tuesday, November 6, 2018 and Board Meeting on Thursday, November 15, 2018.

Called Meetings

Section 181.4 of the BRB rules state that "The Chair may call additional meetings of the Board and is responsible for filing notice of meetings as required by Chapter 551, Government Code, and giving timely notice of meetings to members of the Board."

Notice of Intent to Issue State Debt

Unless exempt, due no later than the last Wednesday of the month prior to a regularly scheduled Board meeting.

Application for Board Approval of State Debt Issuance

Due no later than the first Tuesday of the month in which the applicant requests board consideration.

Planning Session

Held on or before the second Tuesday of alternate months.

Board Meeting

Held on the Thursday following the third Tuesday of alternate months.